What Is Our Mission?

When you ask people what is the mission of the church, you get lots of different answers from church people. Mission impossible it seems in church-land is to be united around a common mission. Over the past couple of years our church has renewed our understanding of our mission. We have worked to for clarity. What is our mission? To connect people to Jesus and help God change their lives. This statement comes is directly influenced by Jesus’ last words to the disciples. “Jesus came and said Read more [...]

What Is My Purpose

I came across a blog entry this week that gives a four step process to finding your purpose in life. The author says that is takes about 20 minutes to accomplish. Its method was basically to clear away the clutter of thoughts in your brain until you found the thing that resonated deeply. This approach did not consult any outside sources for help. It just asks you to look within yourself. Although this approach may be helpful to some people, it has a fundamental flaw. Let me illustrate it with this Read more [...]

April 2017 Newsletter

For the past several years I have sensed the Lord show me a word in January that provides vision for what He is accomplishing in our church family in the coming year. This past year it was Family. I felt that God was bringing us together as a family in Christ.

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